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SMART Walker™ Orthosis


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The SMART Walker™ Orthosis is the latest development in gait training orthotic technology. Designed and manufactured in Canada by Advanced Orthotic Designs, the SMART Walker encourages a child with cerebral palsy, or similar physical condition, to learn to stand and ambulate with hands-free support. The device is comprised of two main components: a customized brace that fits around the child’s trunk and lower limbs, and a sturdy wheeled frame available in different sizes.

To make use of the device, the child is placed in the brace component which is then secured in the wheeled frame to a support attachment. The support mechanism provides the child with a regulated amount of lift support, which allows graduated weight-bearing, encouraging gains in physical strength and endurance.

Additional components, combined with special features of the device, allow customization of the ambulation parameters for each child. Some of the special features include: snap release buckles for speedy application and removal, tool-free shoe attachment/removal, brakes for additional safety and function, adjustable steering control, portability and adjustability for growth. The body brace component, which utilizes Piedro footwear, provides exceptional control/support of the lower limbs and feet, preventing scissoring and excessive plantar flexion.

The SMART Walker can provide the suitable child with the opportunity to learn to walk and explore their environment like they never could before!

The Duraglow finish is being applied on all SMART Walker™ brace & lift components. The finish offers a corrosion resistant coating that will extend the life of the components particularly in humid environments. With the inherent growth capabilities and the Duraglow finish, the SMART Walker™ will be able to provide many years of use.

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