Measuring and Ordering


Ordering Piedro Footwear

If you are unable to visit our office to have your child assessed and measured for Piedro footwear, please refer to these steps:


Determine Size

Piedro shoes are manufactured in Europe, so we need to know the European size. We can calculate that based on your measurements.














Measure the length of your child's foot and the circumference (around the ball, just below the toes). If ordering a closed shoe, have the child wear socks. Also try applying some weight (have the child stand or press the foot against flat surface). Give us these measurements in either inches or cm and we will convert to European size.


Measure both feet; if there is a slight difference between the two, give us the largest measurement. If there is a significant difference, you may have to order difference sizes - this would be a special order and a surcharge will be applied.


Please ensure that your measurements are accurate, as there is a 25% restocking fee for returns. There is no refund or exchange on special orders.


Choose a Model

Select the category (Rehabilitation, Stability or Reverse Last) then the model, colour, and size of your choice. If available, please select a second choice.


Contact Us

Contact us by phone, fax or e-mail. 



Once we know the style and size you need, we can give you a cost. For phone orders, we require Visa or Master Card at the time of the order. In person, payment can be made by cash, cheque, debit, Visa or Master Card.



Delivery is done by regular post. If we have your item in stock, delivery will be 2-7 business days, as we ship mostly within North America. If your item is not in stock, it could take 2-6 weeks.

Measring Foot
Measuring Foot Length