Piedro Sandals

Piedro Therapy Footwear - AOD is currently the North American Supplier of Piedro Footwear.

Piedro has some of the finest footwear available for children with special needs.  For more than 50 years, Piedro has been a leading authority in the field of children's shoes as well as stability and rehabilitation shoes. As one of Piedro’s six brands, Piedro Therapy Footwear is the solution for any kind of foot problem.





Problems that start in the feet may not stay there as they can move to the knees, hips, back and neck. Detecting and correcting foot problems can clearly ward off more serious problems when you get older. Wear and tear eventually takes their toll, and tissues lose their ability to fully recover.

Footwear Details

Rehabilitation Footwear

This line of footwear is most suitable for the child with mild foot instability often associated with cerebral palsy. Some of these shoes are suitable for attachment of external bracing such as with the SMART Walker Orthosis.
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Stability Footwear

This line of footwear has higher counters (stiffeners) in the shoe versus the rehabilitation line. They provide greater support and are suitable for more severe instability of the foot and ankle complex. They are commonly used for children involved with Conductive Education programs.

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Multipurpose Footwear

This line of footwear combines rehabilitation and stability stiffeners.

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Reverse Lasted Footwear

This line of footwear is designed to correct feet with extreme varus and/or adduction.

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Measuring and Ordering

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