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Preparing for casting.

Procedures - all procedures will be managed by one of our expert clinicians.

When you present to our office initially:

We will ask to see your doctor's referral, along with your health card. You will then be asked to fill out our standard Intake Form.

One of our orthotists will review your referral with you and go through a brief history. They will then conduct an assessment based on your individual needs and recommend a course of action. This may include taking detailed measurements, making a custom cast, assessing your range of motion, strength and endurance along with a visual gait analysis if necessary.

A typical initial visit can take up to an hour.

After your initial visit to our office:
A week or two following your visit to us, we will have your orthosis ready for an initial fitting, and you will need to return to our office.


In some cases a third visit, a few days later, will be necessary for the final fitting and dispensing.


Follow-up visits:

And finally, we strongly believe in following up with our clients to ensure proper fitting and will ask you to return to the office in about one month. This will allow us to assess if the fitting has worked for you as intended.



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