Reverse Lasted Footwear

Piedro reverse lasted correction footwear is designed to correct feet with extreme varus and/or adduction.

This correction is achieved by the special last shape. Inside, the shoe is equipped with a special inlay which, in combination with an extended medial stiffener forms a curved wall in conjunction with the toe cap, prevents the foot progressing further into adduction. At the same time, abduction of the foot will be stimulated.

This product is especially important for children who are born with clubfeet; treatment with reverse lasted shoes will help their feet to develop normally.


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Piedro Reverse Lasted Footwear is recommended for the following:


  • Clubfoot

  • Significant varus and/or adduction of the foot

  • To correct the peak position in the upper tarsal joint (pes equino-varus)

  • To correct the varus tilting in the lower tarsal joint and the further metatarsal area (pes varus)

  • To stimulate abduction of the mid and forefoot

  • To stabilise the post-operative clubfoot

  • To improve toe-off


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