Fitting of Device

Orthotic Devices - are commonly known as braces or splints and are either custom made or custom fit by one of our expert clinicians.

Custom AFO

"Authorizers for the Assistive Devices Program"


AOD provides a large array of custom orthotic devices including splints and custom arch supports. Staff orthotists are CBCPO Certified practitioners who are also authorizers for the Assistive Devices Program.


An orthotic device or orthosis (commonly known as a brace or splint) is an orthopedic device that is applied externally to the limb or body. The purpose can be to provide support, protection or replacement of lost function. There are a large variety of devices available depending on the diagnosis and physical needs of the individual. Orthoses are named for the body segment or area that they cover or the particular function they provide.





"Devices Available for a Variety of Medical Conditions"


Orthoses can be custom made or custom fit depending on the needs of the client. Custom made orthoses are made over a cast which is a model of the patient's body part. These devices are fabricated by orthotic technicians and fit by orthotists. A custom fit orthosis is made to measurements and is customized for a particular patient. These devices sometimes come in kit form and require assembly and customization by the technician and orthotist. Some devices also require a combination of techniques to provide the most suitable device to meet the individual's needs.


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