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Sports Injury Devices - whether you are a professional athlete or just enjoy your sport at a recreational level, we can provide you with the proper device.

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Injuries as a result of recreation or professional sports activities require an approach that focuses on a clear understanding of sports injury and a broad knowledge base of state-of-the-art technology.


At AOD, we work closely with orthopedic surgeons, sports physical therapists and their patients to provide the best orthotic technology to support, protect and assist in their recovery of sport-related injury.


Professional sport organizations such as Hamilton Bulldogs, Toronto Roadrunners and Montreal Canadians have sought out our expertise in the provision of high performance, custom carbon fibre knee braces for their players.


A wide selection of knee braces is available on the market today. Selecting the correct design and the best fit is paramount in insuring our patients get back into the activities they enjoy.

CTI Knee Brace

Our selection of sport injury products range from:


  • custom arch supports


  • ankle supports


  • custom knee sleeves


  • custom carbon fibre knee braces


  • osteoarthritis “unloader” knee brace




ACL Knee Brace