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 Funding Sources  

AOD is a registered vendor with the Assistive Devices Program (ADP) through the Ontario Ministry of Health.


For Ontario residents with a valid Health Card, the cost of many orthotic devices is partially funded by ADP with the remainder covered by the family, funding agencies or private insurance policies.


OHIP does not cover any of our services. Certified Orthotists are the only practitioners in Ontario authorized to bill ADP directly for orthotic devices. AOD is also a registered vendor with the WSIB.


We do not deal directly with insurance companies, but can supply you with estimates and letters of recommendations to assist you in obtaining coverage.


Agencies exist to assist families with children who have disabilities which you may want to discuss with your child's therapist. We can also supply you with information or an application form. Some of these agencies include:



  • Assitive Devices Program

  • President's Choice Children's Charity

  • Ontario March of Dimes

  • Easter Seals Society

  • Ontario Works

  • Jennifer Ashley Foundation

  • Ontario C.P. Association

  • WSIB

  • OFCP

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