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Custom Made Knee Braces from the Knee Centre


AnaTex Sleeve

AnaTex sleeve with internal subluxation strap. This support is designed to control subluxation of the patella. The buttress is made of closed cell foam that cups the patella and the straps can be cinched up to apply the appropriate pressure needed. The internal design of this buttress allows for direct maximum control of the patella.



  • Removable subluxation strap allows support to be fit on either knee and worn medially or laterally.

  • Thinner material allows for maximum control while leaving knee feeling light and cool.




  • Patella subluxation

  • Patella tendonitis

  • Post operative after lateral release or transfer surgery

  • Patellofemoral tracking disorder (Chondromalacia patella).







Custom CTi

CTi® has set the standard for truly custom ligament bracing for more than 20 years. And now, this classic has been redesigned with a host of new improvements, like proprietary Sensil® padding that eliminates migration, a flexible lower medial cuff for greater protection against rotational forces and skin-friendly SensEdge overmolding to avoid pressure points. Find out why CTi knee braces are demanded by top athletes and respected by leading physicans around the word.

Indications & Usage

  • ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, rotary and combined instabilities.

  • All activity levels.

  • Pro Sport model for the highest levels of contact.

Product Highlights

  • Anatomically correct AccutracTM hinges with extension stops.

  • Proprietary Sensil® padding eliminates migration.

  • Flexible lower medial cuff provides increased protection against rotational forces and is breathable for added comfort.

  • Skin-friendly SenseEdge overmolding on buckles and lower cuff improves comfort and eliminates pressure points.

Other Features & Benefits

  • 1 year fit guarantee.

  • Total Support SystemTM for ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, rotary and combined instabilities.

  • Interior buckles for a more streamlined, lower profile.

  • Custom-fabricated to each patient's unique measurements.

  • Hand-laminated, carbon composite, rigid frame construction.

  • Non-corrosive materials, ideal for water sports.


  • Standard.

  • Pro Sport.





Unloader One Knee Brace

The fundamental component of every Unloader Osteoarthritis Knee Brace is the 3-Point Leverage System, which consists of a single upright plus one or more diagonal Dynamic Force StrapsTM.


Unloader One System

Unloader One offers a new twist on the traditional 3-Point Leverage System. By replacing the Adjustable Dynamic JointTM with a flexible upright and incorporating Dual Dynamic Force Straps to disperse the counter force across two points of contact, the Unloader has been streamlined to a sleek 16 ounces (half of its former weight) while increasing the unloading power by up to 50% and improving comfort and compliance.



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